Monday, April 1, 2013


So I have this friend, we've been friends for years and on and on again i've liked him. Now we are friends and I absolutely love our friendship. It is simple it is easy. But why do I feel as though something is messing? It even feels as though there is some kinda blockage stopping us. It is strange, I don't want to change things he is the bestfriend guy i've always wanted. Im thankful for our strange yet beautiful friendship.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


So I am watching What is Black In America? With my mom who is a chocolate lady. The people on here struggle with being black, but others also love it & accept it. I am black. Some ask what are ? Noticing im something other than black. But I am black. With native american roots with white roots & hispanic roots. But I am black. I don't define myself by my skin tone. This bronze caramel girl does not consider herself anything other than black. I do acknowledge my roots of my native american, whites & hispanics. People should realize black is beautiful. I don't care if my future kids come out dark as oli or white as snow, I will love thrm regardless. I will teach them to love where they come from. I will teach them spanish the stories behind our native tribes & other little things. Every race is beautiful. I am black, native american, white, & hispanic. But this black girl is beautiful.


Can a guy really be your bestfriend without someone catching feelings ? I think so depending on the type of people yall are. I have a bestfriend, we talk everyday & hang often. He has a girlfriend & I am single. The two years we have not caught feelings for each other. I don't think it would ruin our friendship either if we did. Im glad we have that type of friendship. I would hope we stay like that for the years to come.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Everybody saying New Year new me, well I can't really say that because nothing about me is going to change in 2013. I'm still going to be same person I was in 2012 why should I change just because there's a new year? It is a lot of things I miss about 2012. My friend from New York my summer, I have amazing memories of 2012. But this year is going to be amazing too! I'm going to get better grades and go the extra mile to reach the success that I want. I do believe im in for a lot of hard work, but whats life without a few struggles?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Him ....

So i've been thinking about him lately (my ex boyfriend). Its sad that we are no longer together, but its wonderful that we are still friends. He has moved on & Im managing. I just can't help but think about what it would be like if we was still together. I know he is living the "high school dream" great basketball player dating the cheerleader. Sounds cute ehh ? It does. He seem okay about it maybe even contento (spanish word). We talked about our future, but now it looks like those plans with be with other people. Going to Washington we would both go to Georgetown University. He would be the basketball and I would be the love. Oh well im single now and im fine with it. I have my sweetie, but its not that serious a friend who is always there. Somebody that keeps me smiling. Even though me and him don't see each other or talk that much he knows I will always have his back and love him. He cracked my heart and made me look at guys and life differently, but he also gave me a new hope and new attitude. And I thank him for that.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Today we all heard about the shooting in Connecticut & those young children who lost their lives. 26 people killed & 20 children. If I could ask Adam (the shooter) anything it would be why a elementary school? Any school shooting is horrific but these children range from 5-10 really? Innocent kids who just wanted to go to school, they didn't know today would be the last time they seen their parent, they didn't know it would be the last time they seen daylight. But nobody can answer that question no telling what kind of childhood Adam had & what kind of demons he faced day to day. My heart goes out to the families, Lord knows they will need love & support. It has been a day we as a nation will never forget. I just hope & pray we don't have to relive this day. I also hope that one day those kids have peace & don't turn out & relive the horrible thing they seen today. All we can do is pray.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Are YOU Happy?

Lord jesus if we got mad ab every little thing we would all be dead from high blood pressure & heart failure. I honestly trust no one, not even those who I am close to. My experience with people(teenagers) is not good, we talk about each other, putting one another down. So I don't feel the need to hold my tongue or feel bad about anything I say or repeat. If you don't want it repeated don't tell a soul take it to your grave; only you & God will know. If only we could tell each other whats on our mind. being honest, but there is no such thing in our society today. We judge everybody by "what w heard" or "what we think" not knowing the truth, We all listen, but do we actually hear each other? Do we honestly care ab each others feelings? No, no we don't & society has become doomed & maybe it is jus better to live & do you don't worry ab what goes on in this world & focus on what makes YOU happy.